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8 Ball Games Increased Wagering Requirements

Posted by Nickie on: Monday, Sep. 28th 2015 12:04 AM
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Brown Cow Bingo
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Over the last couple of days we have been performing a mammoth task here at Playing Bingo, amending each and every bonus page of EVERY brand that uses the 888 / Cassava software to power their bingo games. The reason for this is the recent changes to the bonus rules at all sites under the Cassava hat. Needless to say, this meant visiting every site and checking the Terms and Conditions, something your average bingo player is unlikely to do.

During these checks we noticed something rather interesting, all of the brands that are under the 8 Ball Games hat, the sites that choose not to be advertised by affiliates, all have higher than standard wagering requirements for the bingo bonuses that they give to players!

Again, this is not something the ordinary bingo player would notice, why would you? After all, if you are aware that the standard wagering requirements are as shown below, why would you consider that Dragonfish brand A would be any different to Dragonfish brand B?

Standard Wagering Requirements For Bingo Bonuses At Dragonfish Sites

The standard wagering requirements for Dragonfish sites on bingo bonuses are:

  • 4x the amount of deposit + bonus for deposit-related bonuses
  • 4x the amount of bonus for any other bonus given

8 Ball Games Wagering Requirements For Bingo Bonuses

At 8 Ball Games they are higher than your standard wagering requirements at:

  • 6x the amount of deposit + bonus for deposit-related bonuses
  • 6x the amount of bonus for any other bonus given

If you prefer sites without the increased wagering then avoid the following brands:

  1. Bingo 4 Her
  2. Bingo Flirt
  3. Bingo Irish
  4. Bingo Me Happy
  5. Bingo Please
  6. Brown Cow Bingo
  7. Coffee Bingo
  8. Cocktail Bingo
  9. Glitter Bingo
  10. Golden Pound
  11. High Heels Bingo
  12. High Life Bingo
  13. Isle of Bingo
  14. Mile High Bingo
  15. Neon Bingo
  16. Once Upon A Bingo
  17. Pound Bingo
  18. Smooch Bingo
  19. Stash Bingo
  20. Steamy Bingo
  21. Top Class Bingo
  22. Tuck Shop Bingo
  23. We Want Bingo

No doubt more brands will be coming to the Dragonfish network over time but at this point, the above is the most comprehensive list based on the brands that we have reviewed here at Playing Bingo.

Bingo Giving is an exception to the rule. Bonus wagering at this brand is still listed as 4x the deposit + bonus or 4x the bonus.

Is it right that this company choose to increase the wagering above the standard and if so why do they feel the need to do so?

By: Nickie Shute

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