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Big Bingo 90 Jackpots At Tombola Bingo

Posted by Kath on: Wednesday, Sep. 23rd 2015 7:07 AM

The month is coming to a close now, but while many bingo promotions are winding up for the month, at Tombola they are just getting exciting with a big end of month blowout and some big Bingo 90 jackpots at the site!

This week the Mega Pulse Party has taken place with guaranteed prizes of up to £200 and it’s the final night tonight from 8pm to 10pm, but if it’s the guaranteed Bingo 90 Jackpots you love then you’ll want to see September out at Tombola!

On Monday two very special promotions run together, all through next week and they both take place in Bingo 90. There’s the Early Bird Bingo special with guaranteed prizes every morning, and the Hour of Power every evening with more guaranteed games!

Early Bird Bingo plays in Bingo 90 from Monday 28th through to October 2nd with guaranteed full house prizes through the morning as follows:

  • 7am – £400
  • 7:30am – £500
  • 8pm – £600
  • 8:30am – £700
  • 9pm – £800

They’re definitely worth getting up early for but it doesn’t stop there as every evening during next week there’s the Hour of Power, eleven consecutive Link games from 9pm to 10pm with £4,000 jackpots split as follows:

  • 1 line – £500
  • 2 lines – £1,000
  • Full House – £2,500

That’s all week at Tombola Bingo from Monday through to Friday, all you have to do is head in and take your place in the bingo rooms for these big, big prizes and guaranteed cash! If you’re not already a member there’s a 200% bonus for signing up and with all the fantastic, unique games the site has on offer there’s always plenty to play!


By: Kath Cross

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