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Bad Press For Jackpot Joy

Posted by Nickie on: Friday, Sep. 18th 2015 7:24 AM

Over the years, a number of online bingo sites have been the victims of bad press and more often than not, through circumstances beyond their control. Jackpot Joy is one such brand and recently they’ve once again made the tabloids but not with a great advertising campaign, but as a brand named in a deception case in Sheffield.

Katryn (Katrina) Jones, a 53 year old con woman, fiddled a whopping half a million pounds from a variety of sources over the years and was recently jailed for six years after pleading guilty to no less than 19 charges of fraud! Of the money that she swindled from people, she has to pay back just £1 and this is where the name Jackpot Joy was banded about.

The reason that was given for the small repayment is that this lady spent thousands playing at various online bingo sites. That in itself is not good PR for the industry, but you have to feel for Jackpot Joy that it was the only brand that was actually named.

The article in the Daily Mail even says ‘she frittered it all away on online bingo sites’ but then goes even further by naming just one brand. Is the brand name relevant to the report? Not really, it has little bearing on the story itself and whilst it might have been pertinent information for the defence, it doesn’t seem right that of ‘online bingo sites’ (multiple) that were mentioned, just one was singled out for the article.

It isn’t online bingo that made this woman a criminal, it was a choice that she made. She stole from a dog’s charity AND three wealthy businessmen. She’s not a victim of circumstance, she is a con woman and a fraudster and any money she earns in jail should be paid back to the people she stole from!


By: Nickie Shute

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