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More Changes For Socially Responsible Gambling

Posted by Kath on: Wednesday, Aug. 26th 2015 7:36 AM

Online and mobile gaming has seen a boom in recent years and these days it can seem like every other advert is a bingo or casino ad. With a change in trends and more advertising, the IGRG, the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling has announced a range of improvements this week designed to promote socially responsible advertising.

The Industry Code was first implemented in 2007 but these revisions are the biggest since then, and with mobile gambling now seeing huge growth the changes are considered to be much needed and will come into play within the next six months.

The IGRG commissioned a review in 2014 and many suggestions were put forward, from that the new code has been released and the changes are summarised here:

  • Socially responsible gambling messages will be added to the end of all television and radio adverts.
  • No adverts with sign up offers aimed at new customers pre-watershed.
  • Pre-watershed adverts can no longer make reference to other gambling products that would not qualify for pre 9pm exemption.
  • More prominence given to in all print and broadcast advertising.
  • Reference to will now have to be shown in all television programmes with sponsorship with gambling operators
  • The inclusion of clear no under 18s messages must be included in all print and television adverts.
  • New provisions to cover all aspects of marketing on social media.

The most responsible gaming operators won’t have to make any changes as most of them are using advertising platforms responsibly, but with online and mobile gambling seeing such a boom right now, and some unscrupulous operators, there’s no denying the changes are needed.

It will be a while before the new rules are totally implemented, but they should mean a clearer view for players from the advert right through to the gameplay.

By: Kath Cross

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