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Bonus Codes Required For Reloads At Some 888 Sites

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Feb. 5th 2015 7:20 AM

Recent visits to the likes of Bingo Street, Big Brother Bingo and Posh Bingo have revealed some changes in how these brands allocate reloads to your account. It used to be that any deposit after your first at sites under the 888 hat used to be allocated a 50% automatically. This no longer appears to be the case at some brands. The first site we noticed that change on was Posh Bingo but only when we logged into our account.

From the main lobby there was an icon that showed an update to how bonuses were claimed. There was originally a link to a page that explained the reload change, however we can no longer find the page and are reporting from memory. To claim a 50% bonus you have to remember to add the monthly code at the cashier now, it is not given automatically.

The page (when we noticed it at the end of January) showed the bonus code for the month. However, a recent visit to the site and we could find no mention of the February code and despite checking our emails, there was no code sent there either.

We checked Big Brother Bingo, another 888 site, and their homepage shows a link to the special page that lists the bonus code. For Big Brother Bingo the 50% reload bonus code for February is STORE.

If you do not enter the bonus code when depositing, you do not receive the reload bonus. We strongly suggest checking all of the following sites BEFORE depositing and expecting an automatic reload bonus:

888Ladies – could not find mention of a code being required.
Big Brother Bingo – bonus code required
Bingo Street – bonus code required
Posh Bingo – bonus code required
Red Bus Bingo – no code required at this time
Tasty Bingo – no code required at this time
Wink Bingo – no code required at this time

For those sites that have chosen to request a bonus code, we don’t think the change is going to be greatly received by players and will be interested to see if this becomes a permanent fixture of the brands using this option currently.


By: Nickie Shute

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