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Microgaming Sites Drop No Deposit Bonus

Posted by Kath on: Friday, Jan. 30th 2015 7:44 AM

Some bingo sites change their bonuses every five minutes, while for others the bonuses are so established they’re part of the fixtures and fittings. This is the case for Microgaming sites like Bingo on the Box, Dream Bingo and others, who for as long as they have been around have offered the same bonus. However, it’s the end of an era now as Microgaming does away with the no-deposit bonuses.

Not all Microgaming brands offered the no-deposit bonuses, but at Betway Bingo, Bingo on the Box and Dream Bingo it was an established part of the site. However, going forward only the 300% match deposit remains, while the £15 no deposit bonus has been brought to an end.

While players may feel a little put out by this it’s worth remembering that you could never withdraw anything from the £15 bonus, it was no more than play money. So in a way the new bonus structure is fairer, allowing you to play for real with your bonus. There’s 300% on offer now to new players, on deposits from £5 with a maximum £150 available, so the bonus has increased slightly, and you can play with it as if it is real money.

Although, before we do say fair, we do suggest you check the terms and conditions for the bonuses as they are quite strict and quite convoluted too, limiting withdrawals and putting restrictions on the bonus cash and how many tickets you can buy.

If you’re already a member of a Microgaming site then this change won’t affect you anyway, but if not then any new bonus you receive if you do sign up at any of the sites listed above will be affected by the bonus change and receive only the match bonus from the site.


By: Kath Cross

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