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Tidy Bingo Offers Bonfire Bargains

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Nov. 13th 2014 7:53 AM

When it comes to exclusive promotions Tidy Bingo is certainly streaks ahead of other brands on the 15 Network and yes, we may be a little bias because it is our very own brand but these aren’t unsubstantiated claims. We really do offer a promotional schedule that is pretty impressive and this month alone we have launched not one, not two but THREE exclusive promos for our players – one of which is the Bonfire Bargains deal.

This deal at Tidy Bingo is centred around our standalone room, the Tidy Cupboard and whilst it doesn’t boast jackpots or prizes that compare with those offered at bigger, more established brands, smaller player numbers in the room means increased chances of winning.

So now we have blown hot air up our own behinds, what exactly are the Bonfire Bargains? They are £10 Love2Shop vouchers and there are four to be won in every session of the Tidy Cupboard this November. That said, five were won in the room last night! With two more sessions left this month that means another £80 still to be won.

To win one of the vouchers you simply have to be the full house winner on the game at 30 minutes past each hour in the room. If you are then not only will you get the house prize shown but also a £10 Love2Shop voucher.

It’s worth noting that other benefits of playing in the Tidy Cupboard are:

Tidy Millions – play five games from 7pm until 9pm and your name is in a syndicate for the Euromillions.
Chat Games – all our chat games pay out a minimum of 500 points per game, no matter how many players are in the room.
Tidy Progressive Jackpot – this can only be won the Cupboard and a full house win in 45 numbers or less will see the jackpot won. It is then reset to £75.
Tidy and the Troops – a guaranteed jackpot game that plays at 7pm every Tuesday at 7pm. Tickets cost 25p and the jackpot is £50 with donations made to the Help For Heroes charity each week.
Roomie Of The Month – your chance to be named as Roomie of The Month and win the advertised prize.

We’d love to see you in the room!


By: Nickie Shute

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