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Another Month Of Jackpot Hero At Jackpot Joy

Posted by Kath on: Wednesday, Nov. 5th 2014 7:58 AM

If you’ve been playing at Jackpot Joy over the past month then chances are that you’ve been joining in the Jackpot Hero games over the last month. However, this promotion doesn’t end here it’s continuing until 11th December so you have another month to join in for the chance to spread the joy!

All you have to do is play on site and you could be chosen to be the Jackpot Hero, collecting a big jackpot at random and sharing it with the other players in the bingo room. What a hero you’ll be if you get called this coming month at Jackpot Joy!

You must be a depositing player to join in, and for a chance to be selected you must have wagered in the last 20 minutes. Don’t worry if you’ve already heard the Jackpot Hero go off in the day as they’ve been calling several a day, giving a £500 jackpot away every time!

If you get selected for a Jackpot Hero, or you’re in the room when someone else has been chosen, providing you’ve made a wager in the last 20 minutes you’ll get a share. Amount vary as player numbers will change throughout the day, but it’s something for nothing and it’s available at Jackpot Joy for another month!

If you’ve been enjoying this promotion since it launched a month ago then you’re sure to be pleased about the extension but even if you’re new to the site you still have a whole month to join in the Jackpot Hero special and that’s a lot of heroes, and a lot of £500s!


By: Kath Cross


2 Comments on “Another Month Of Jackpot Hero At Jackpot Joy”

albert le vesconte Says:

i have been trying for several days to contact Ashley regarding £21 bonus for joining aceofbingo site. I joined several days ago and my sign-in is albert2638. my user name is bwanakidogo. can you advise me how I can make contact as it seems to be impossible to do so?

Nickie Says:

Hi Albert

I wonder why you posted this comment on a Jackpot Joy article?

We had similar issues with Ace of Bingo when we registered for the review and to be honest, had no luck. One of the reasons why you will only ever find the review of the site on our pages.

We do state in our review “At the time of the review the site offered a £21 no deposited required bonus of which £3 was awarded upon entering the lobby. The bonus carried a 6x wagering requirement and you are offered the option to accept or decline the deal. Please note that the £21 free is given over a seven day period.“.

Hope this helps



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