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Harry Potter Halloween At Angry Bingo

Posted by Kath on: Wednesday, Oct. 29th 2014 7:34 AM

How do you fancy having a Harry Potter Halloween this year? Well it’s your last chance to get free tickets for a very special game at Angry Bingo where one lucky winner will win just that! The very special game plays on 1st November and you can buy tickets now for £2 each but if you play the no-lose qualifier tomorrow night you could win some free tickets.

On Saturday 1st November at 9:30pm the very special Harry Potter game will play at Angry Bingo and the winner will receive a prize package worth £750. That’s a two night stay in London, a tour of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and £300 spending money!

The tickets are on sale right now, and you can buy them for £2 each but if you’d like to try and get your hands on some free ones there’s still chance! All month, Thursdays have been qualifier night but now there’s just one more Thursday left until the game starts. That means that Thursday at 9:30pm is your last chance to get some free tickets for the game, tickets are a penny each and you just can’t lose, check it out!

  • Full House Winner – 60 tickets
  • 2 line winner – 40 tickets
  • 1 line winner – 30 tickets
  • 1tg winners – 20 tickets each
  • 2tg winners – 10 tickets each
  • no win – 1 ticket

So even if you don’t even get close, for a penny qualifier you’ll win a single £2 ticket into the Harry Potter game! Whatever you win tonight in the qualifier you can top up your tickets at any time with £2 or ten Diamonds from the Angry Bingo Diamond Store.

Last call for the Hogwarts Express!


By: Kath Cross

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