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Bingo Sites To Avoid

Posted by Gareth on: Friday, Sep. 19th 2014 12:33 PM

You may or may not already be signed up at the following online bingo sites, and if you haven’t, they should probably be best avoided (at least for the time being). Big Time Bingo, Bingo Palace, BingoSC, and are reported to be closing, so they should not be played on or registered at.

Players who already have accounts with the above mentioned sites have been advised to “CHARGE BACK ALL TRANSACTIONS THAT YOU HAVE MADE IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS”. Having said that, it is unlikely that reimbursements can be obtained.

The sites listed are owned by gambling operators John and Mike Yates (father and son) and are closed or due to close due to debts owed to employees, investors, and service providers.

Furthermore, serious allegations have been made that Yates did not operate a fair gaming policy, utilising house players and software bots to prevent real players from winning. Such accusations, if true, do portray the pair as serious rogue operators. Players will always complain (losing money isn’t funny!), but sometimes you will come across a site where complaints have a genuine basis, and once you find a good number of gripes appearing in the chat facility it is definitely time to bail out.

There are further sites that have been listed as ‘to be avoided’; BestSlotCenter, BestSlotCentral, BingoVega, CasinoVega, and WorldwideVegas. Until the ‘fog lifts’ and all allegations are either supported or dismissed it is probably best to avoid these site and sign up somewhere else, somewhere with a good reputation. If you are looking for an online bingo site to sign up with, you could do a lot worse than sign up at Gala Bingo. Original article.

By: Gareth Whieldon


2 Comments on “Bingo Sites To Avoid”

Darren Says:

I have been playing online bingo since its conception. At the moment I’m a member and player of over 15 sites, mainly the ones listed in the top ten. I used to like playing but now feels I’m on a crusade. i’m constantly being informed that luck is a major factor which I refute and will not except. Software is man made and is written, it’s designed to finance these companies and will have its flaws. Constantly, week after week, the same name winners are a reminder of its purpose. It’s blatantly cruel like the cm’s that protect it. Years, a little fortune, I’ve spent on these sites with no reward or win, only to be told it’s down to my luck or lack of it, rubbish. We pay for the right to complain, then get banned off chat for warning others. Whose got something to hide? It’s the companies from greed that will ruin it. They know we’re always going to come back. Campaign, for Proper software for the real players.

Nickie Says:

Hi Darren,

As a bingo player and more recently, brand owner myself, I get where you are coming from but I think the same winners scenario comes simply from those with bigger budgets than maybe you and I are playing with.

If you’re looking for a more intimate feel from your bingo, better chances of winnings and a friendly crowd – may I suggest our brand Tuesday and Fridays from 7pm until 11pm we host our own standalone room. We’d love to see you there :)



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