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Bingo Mates Hit Mecca Jackpot

Posted by Gareth on: Wednesday, Aug. 13th 2014 11:49 AM

Two lucky ladies recently hit the jackpot at Mecca Bingo in Halifax with a £50,000 payout. The pair, Beverley Tinkler, 60 and Debora Sturman, 50 were obviously overjoyed, and have split the winnings between them.

This was a huge surprise for the friends, as Saturdays at the club don’t usually see big payouts. And, probably the best part of it all is that they won on a new promotion, the ‘Firecracker’ showcase event where they got free tickets.

Beverley called house on 70 but neither of the pair had any idea that the prize was going to be so big, and they were obviously gobsmacked when they realised how much they’d won. The Mecca Bingo club in Hastings must be a very friendly place, as it erupted in cheers when the lucky pair won. Quite often at some bingo clubs as soon as house is called there can be a sea of quiet, but audible ‘grumbling’ as players lament their lost chance at the prize, but this was not the case at Hastings, as players congratulated the lucky ladies on their winnings.

It’s also a true test of their 35 year friendship that although it was Beverley’s card that grabbed the big win, she is splitting it all with Debora, as they have done over the years with prizes of all sizes. Money can cause problems with friendships, particularly of this amount, so it’s heartwarming to see the prize shared equally.

We’re not sure what Beverley intends to spend her money on, but Debora already knows exactly what she is going to do with it. She will be going on holiday, spoiling her nephews, and going part-time at her job as a financial support worker so that she can finish a college course, oh, and, buy herself a new phone.

For most of us when we play bingo it’s for the ‘craic’, but the win is always in the back of our minds, and although the pair have got their big win I’m sure they’ll still be going back for their weekly game. Original article.

By: Gareth Whieldon

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