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Blockbuster Jackpot At Foxy Bingo

Posted by Kath on: Monday, Aug. 4th 2014 7:27 AM

Foxy Bingo has certainly been treating players lately with some amazing guaranteed jackpots! It seems not a week can go by without thousands given away and while the sporting events may be starting to wind down a little now, the jackpots haven’t. We’ve had the Tour De Chance and several other sporting jackpots, but this time it’s a little more sedate on the exercise front with the Blockbuster Jackpot, available for premiere pre-order now!

Yep, that’s right. You can buy tickets for the Blockbuster Jackpot at Foxy Bingo right now, and they’re just 99p, which is fantastic when you consider the jackpot is a massive £10,000!

It’s 90-ball too so you get three chances to win in this fantastic game. The Blockbuster and its £10,000 jackpot will be split as follows:

  • 1 line winner – £1,000
  • 2 line winner – £3,000
  • Full house winner – £6,000

That’s a fantastic prize and the game plays on Sunday 17th August at 10pm. Whether you can be in the room or not, we suggest you pre-buy your tickets now so you don’t miss your chance at this very generous jackpot.

In addition to this huge jackpot, the Commonwealth Games inspired Going for Gold jackpots are still running, with events throughout the day. The guaranteed games aren’t worth quite as much as the Blockbuster but there’s £50, £100 and £250 guaranteeds throughout the day, and tickets are just 5p, 25p and 50p respectively. You can play these every day at Foxy Bingo with games starting at 9am and playing through until 10pm, with different sessions throughout the day!

For wall to wall jackpots, great bonuses and some fantastic prizes we can see why that Fox is ever so popular!


By: Kath Cross

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