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Pulse Launches At Tombola Bingo

Posted by Kath on: Saturday, Jul. 19th 2014 7:18 AM

A couple of weeks ago Tombola announced that they would be launching a new game and while there was no clue as to what Pulse was, we knew it was ‘coming soon’. Well the game finally launched this week and the big shock isn’t the game, it’s the fact that it’s had almost 30 jackpot winners in a single week!

The new game only launched last Monday and it’s already crammed with players, there were a few glitches on opening day but now it’s available both from the online version and the app at Tombola Bingo so you can play it on the move, or relaxing at home. The brand does now seem to have resolved all the glitches that were affecting mobile play, and that will be good news for those who want to get out and enjoy this lovely weather we’re having!

To play the game just select your room from the various rooms available and choose your ticket price. When the game starts you’ll hear the Pulse and see your numbers in little bubble all over the screen. As the numbers are called, the Pulse beats and if as you match your numbers they pop and clear from your screen. Pop all your numbers first and you win the prize, it’s as simple as that! If we had to sum this game up in a sentence it would be ‘bingo with floating balls’.

It’s great fun to play but the rooms are very busy on opening week and it may explain why the game has had almost thirty jackpot winners in it’s first week, including several £2,000 winners!

It comes highly recommended and adds to the many original and unique games available at Tombola Bingo, and as it’s available from mobile immediately, you can enjoy it both online and on the go!


By: Kath Cross

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