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Gala Bingo Offer Lotto Betting

Posted by Kath on: Monday, Jun. 2nd 2014 7:31 AM

For a long time now it’s been possible to bet on the outcome of overseas lottery draws. Even before the advent of online gaming, betting shops offered this service, allowing players to participate in any lottery around the world. Of course online bingo players often pay little attention to the sportsbook side, but we do know that bingo players love the lottery, and maybe that’s why Gala Bingo has integrated its lottery betting within its online bingo branch!

Recently Gala Bingo launched their Flutter section, allowing people to access sports betting through the bingo client and we have to admit it’s a very clever move from Gala Bingo. Most people think of sportsbooks as somewhere to bet on horses and football but this doesn’t always have great appeal to many bingo players.

By bringing the lottery betting into the bingo side of things too, all the numbers betting is together and is likely to have greater appeal to players, a perfect case of thinking outside the box and rewriting the rules!

If you never get any luck at the UK Lotto then you may well be tempted by the many draws available from Gala Bingo, with betting available on all sorts of worldwide draws from the Irish Daily Million to the Hong Kong Lotto, and even the EuroMillions. Unlike when you buy lottery tickets, with Gala Bingo you’ll actually be betting on the outcome of the draw, rather than playing in the draw itself, and that means fixed odds so you know exactly what you’re playing for.

Betting on lottery draws certainly isn’t a new thing, but it may well be new to you, thanks to this stroke of marketing genius from Gala Bingo, bringing lottery betting to those it may well appeal the most to! You’ll find the Lotto tab under the promotions at Gala Bingo if this interests you!


By: Kath Cross

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Rose Says:

dont know about lottery lots of people playing but maybe i give it a try i dont know. looks fun, if i can do it cheap i give it a try for sure. thanx for the great writings telling me about this stuff, id not now if not! xx

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