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Ad Wording Lands Jackpot Joy In Trouble With ASA

Posted by Kath on: Friday, May. 2nd 2014 7:41 AM

At Christmas, Jackpot Joy Bingo ran a promotion where it was promised that you could “Win prizes in time for New Year’s! Celebrate New Year’s Eve with fun-filled games and the chance to win cash and prizes in our all-day NYE Chat Party. Chat Tues 31st December”, and that advert has now landed the brand in hot water with the Advertising Standards Agency by a customer who reported the ad for being misleading.

The complainant had participated in the chat party, but she says no prizes were given away causing her to report Jackpot Joy Bingo to the ASA and leading to a full adjudication.

The complaint was that the wording of the promotion made it sound as though cash and tangible prizes would be given away, but in essence only Joy Points were given away and there were no tangible prizes. Jackpot Joy rebutted the claim by producing the prize sheet for the evening, explaining that the Joy Points could be traded in for tangible prizes on site in the Shop of Joy but the ASA upheld the complaint.

The Advertising Standards Agency agreed with the complainant that fair understanding through the wording was indeed that the promotion would give away both rewards and tangible prizes. Therefore the ad breached several codes relating to misleading advertising, substantiation, and sales promotions which means Jackpot Joy won’t be able to offer this kind of ad in future.

Profitable Play, who run Jackpot Joy will now have to ensure prizes are as stated and not just in the terms and conditions, but in the main body of the promotion too.


By: Kath Cross

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