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Honk Your Horn With Foxy Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Wednesday, Apr. 23rd 2014 7:30 AM

It wasn’t that long ago that one of the other writers here at Playing Bingo bagged herself a brand new TV driving the Foxy Bingo prize bus at the well-known online bingo site. Now there is a new free play game on offer at the site with £200,000 worth of cash and prizes to be given away in just two weeks! The new game is called Honk Your Horn and features a caricature of Cristo in his traffic warden’s uniform!

In the past we have challenged each member of the team when Foxy Bingo offer these free play games but this time we’ll just be recording what I win every day. I started off well, £1.50 on the first day so I’m hoping to have bagged around £20 by the end of the promotion. You can Honk Your Horn every day at Foxy from now until 4th May.

Playing the game is simple; just honk your horn to increase the honkometer. When you’ve hit the top then your prize will be revealed.

Here’s my game in play on the first day, Monday 22nd April.

As well as cash there will be tangible prizes to be won as well and these include Foxy merchandise, laptops, Kindles, SPA and holiday breaks, iPods, iPads and TV’s. The minimum that can be won by unfunded players is 10p but for those that have made a deposit with Foxy Bingo, the minimum prize is £1. Play every day and you will have won £14 minimum and best of all it is FREE!

Here’s the tally of my prizes, this will be updated daily:

  • Tuesday 22nd April – £1.50 cash
  • Wednesday 23rd April – £1.00 cash
  • Thursday 24th April – £1.00 cash
  • Friday 25th April – £1.00 cash
  • Saturday 26th April – £1.00 cash
  • Sunday 27th April – £1.00 cash
  • Monday 28th April – £1.00 cash
  • Tuesday 29th April – Forgot!
  • Wednesday 30th April – £1.00 cash
  • Thursday 1st May – £1.00 cash
  • Friday 2nd May – Forgot!
  • Saturday 3rd May – Forgot!
  • Sunday 4th May – £1.00 cash
  • Monday 5th May – £1.00 cash

Good Luck!


By: Nickie Shute

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