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Spring Has Sprung At Fancy Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Saturday, Apr. 5th 2014 7:06 AM

Spring has certainly sprung at Fancy Bingo as the brand offers up a selection of items as prizes that will help you with the spring clean. We’re not usually big fans of prizes that seem very gender specific but we’re going to let the Fancy That promotional prizes slide because they are relevant to the theme for April.

As is the case every month at Fancy Bingo the site pick a theme and then offer up four different prize games every Saturday throughout the month. As we’ve already hinted at, the theme this month is the spring clean and all the prize bingo fun gets underway tonight at 8pm with a penny game. The goodies on offer this week are a steam iron and Apollo ironing board.

Not really spring cleaning, unless you pile up your ironing for a few months but still, someone will be glad of the prize we are sure. Next week the prize is a cordless floor cleaning polisher (only really of any use to someone with wooden or laminate floors and again, we’d hope you clean your floors more than once a year!).

Onto 19th April and the prize is a multi-purpose steam cleaner – a must have for any spring clean because they are make oven cleaning so much easier! The final prize game this month at Fancy Bingo boasts a bagless upright vacuum cleaner.

What’s best about all of these games, even if you really don’t ‘Fancy That’ prize is the price, at just a penny a ticket you’re not going to break the bingo budget. What is it they say? In for a penny…..


By: Nickie Shute

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