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Changes And Improvements To The National Bingo Game

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Mar. 6th 2014 7:46 AM

If any of our readers have visited the Creative Corner here at Playing Bingo then you will know that it was quite a few years ago that I first visited a land based bingo hall. Once I’d realised that it wasn’t all blue rinses and walking frames, I was a regular before switching my focus to online play. I do still visit the halls on occasion but not quite as often as I once did and it would appear that I am just the patron that the National Bingo Game Association (NGBA) wish to reengage and get coming back to the halls.

When I first started playing bingo in the clubs the National Bingo Game prize money was around the £100,000 mark, now jackpots of these proportions are only available on the Internet (and even then very rarely although currently one such prize pool is on offer at Costa Bingo). Things are changing though as the NGBA up their game.

Firstly there has been a vast improvement in the actual web page for the NGBA, it is more informative and definitely showing a better design. Gone are the outdated aesthetics and old news, in comes a whole plethora of interesting news.

The most impressive is the fact that there is now to be a £250,000 jackpot available in participating bingo halls up and down the country and, in a time limited promotion, a Mediterranean cruise to be won by 50 National Bingo Game jackpot winners. If that’s not an incentive enough to get you back to your local bingo hall, we don’t know what is!

The Mecca Bingo in Sale, Manchester has already created one big winner in Tricia Alcock who netted £115,309.88 in mid February.

Please note the £250,000 jackpot will only come into play when multiple rollovers of the National Bingo Game have happened. The official site states ‘Prize values advertised are subject to tickets sold and the Jackpot Prize having been won prior to publication, where upon the figure will be reset to £50,000 and increase at each playing of the game that it is not won.’

I’m already planning a night out at our local Mecca!


By: Nickie Shute

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