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Daily Escalator Jackpot At Ladbrokes Bingo

Posted by Kath on: Wednesday, Dec. 4th 2013 7:19 AM

This festive season, Ladbrokes Bingo are giving players more reason than most to be happy. Every evening at the site, from now until Christmas, a £10,000 Escalator jackpot will be won, offering a massive £250,000 in jackpots between now and Christmas. What’s more, as the pot will be split between the winner and all other players with tickets, no one will miss out!

It’s time to put on your festive hat, drape the tinsel and get over to Ladbrokes Bingo where Christmas has started early. Every day from 3pm, the escalator ball count will start to increase, until £10,000 has been won daily. What’s more, for the final game on Christmas Eve, the Escalator will be increased to £20,000, so the chance for a double win just before Christmas!

To win the Escalator Jackot at Ladbrokes Bingo, players need to call bingo in 29 or fewer calls, but with this Daily Escalator special, that increases if the Escalator isn’t won. At 3pm each day the ball count will increase by two, to 31, and then every hour the Escalator isn’t won, it will increase by two more until the jackpot is won. Once the jackpot is won, the Escalator will be reset to 29 until 3pm the next day.

Each day the Escalator will start at £10,000 but it’s growing all the time, and that money will be split by all players competing in the winning game. On top of the normal prizes, the Escalator winner will collect a £5,000 Full House Prize and then every other player with tickets in the game will share the remaining £5,000, apart from Christmas Day when this will be doubled!

With a £10,000 cash chunk to be given away every day until Christmas Eve, it’s promising to be a very Merry Christmas at Ladbrokes Bingo.


By: Kath Cross

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