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Bingo Irish Joins Dragonfish Network

Posted by Nickie on: Saturday, Nov. 30th 2013 7:07 AM

As you will no doubt already know there are hundreds of brands available on the Internet today that are powered by the 888/Globalcom software that are part of the Dragonfish network. A recent addition to the network is Bingo Irish, another brand from 8 Ball Games Ltd. It wasn’t that long ago that this company also launched Top Class Bingo on Dragonfish. More recently 8 Ball Games opened Velvet Bingo (Cozy) and The Bingo Party (15 Network).

There are rumours that this company is trying to establish a new network, the EBG Network, with Bingo Irish as the second on the Dragonfish network. Could be that actually they are amassing a database of players before they then launch a standalone brand?

We only heard of Bingo Irish through cross promotion between their sites; this came via an unsolicited email offering us a ‘fully funded’ account with the brand.

We used the code in the email (BRSHC2) and did receive a no deposit bonus of £5; this was great as we could then complete a full review of the product. However, we did have to enter our financial details during the registration process to get the bonus although this is standard practice in the industry.

A quick look around Bingo Irish revealed that is has a few unique features but nothing that really makes it stand out from a rather large crowd.

As a footnote, using green as a colour scheme and throwing a few Celtic Knots into the logo does not an Irish brand make. At least Bingo Ireland, another Dragonfish brand, made a little more of the stereotypical Irish theme.

By: Nickie Shute

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