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32Red Bingo Launch New Commercial

Posted by Nickie on: Tuesday, Oct. 8th 2013 7:36 AM

When you sit down to watch television of late there is usually at least one bingo commercial shown in the advert breaks of many popular programs. For the most part the storyline is quite predictable but not for the 32Red Bingo commercial. In fact, there has been a bit of a debate about the new advert for this brand with many focusing on the lack of courtesy shown by the star of the ad to the little old man who also features.

Paddy Power is usually the brand whose commercials incite debate but a look at Twitter and other social media platforms reveals that at the moment it is the 32Red Bingo advert.

On Facebook someone asks, “Are you promoting selfish rudeness or your product?” However, on Twitter the language is a little more colourful with one viewer stating that the “basic premise of the commercial is that “we like rude [strong expletive] who push in””.

When we first viewed the advert we simply thought that is was better than most because it seemed to have thought outside the proverbial box and hadn’t really considered the moral standing of the star. Although we are sure that there are some people who would do exactly as she did in the 32Red Bingo commercial and steal a parking space from an elderly gent, the chances are most people wouldn’t even consider doing such a thing.

However, if people are talking about the commercial, whether it is in a positive or negative way, it has done its job for the product and made the brand a memorable one – score for 32Red Bingo!

In case you have yet to see the commercial, here it is:


By: Nickie Shute

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