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Iceland Bingo Sell Their Wares On Television

Posted by Nickie on: Saturday, Sep. 28th 2013 7:25 AM

Iceland Bingo is one of many Dragonfish networked brands available online today but very few of these sites actually advertise their wares on TV. Of course we have seen the infuriating Up Your Bingo commercial but now comes a classier advert for a far superior brand.

You won’t find two fat ladies advertising the Iceland Bingo brand but you will see two rather forlorn looking little ducks at the start of the commercial. However, they soon turn their frowns upside down as the reach an Iceland store where it appears that there is a bingo party underway! The opening scenes of the advert looks a bit similar to one of the old Hovis commercials, save for the two oversized ducks of course. They plod along the cobbled streets, through a puddle and past warehouses before coming to an Iceland shop front.

From within a vision of a lady in red hot pants appears and the mood suddenly lightens. Viewers will then have to spot a number of other bingo call references throughout the 30 second commercial whilst listening to the voiceover tell you about the increased bonuses currently on offer with Iceland Bingo. Before the big advertising campaign new players were offered just a 200% cash match bonus and a £5 free Iceland voucher when the first deposit had been made. The new deal sees the cash match bonus increased to 300% and the voucher value upped to £10. The latter is not sent until you have wagered at least £10 on bingo with the brand.

The commercial won’t be winning any awards for ingenuity but it does the trick. Here it is in case you have not yet seen it on your television screens:


By: Nickie Shute

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