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Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Sep. 5th 2013 7:24 AM

As many of our readers know we are usually quite on the ball with changes around the world of online bingo, in fact it would be far to say that we pride ourselves on having the correct information for our users as far as possible. Obviously with so many brands online today we do sometimes overlook a change, usually a bonus amendment at a two-bit site that we don’t visit often. However it has just come to our attention that one brand actually changed software and we didn’t know. The brand is Naughty Bingo…

Now Naughty Bingo is one of the two-bit sites we mentioned earlier. It previously ran on the Play N Go software but had little to offer the discerning player so we rarely went back to check out the promotions or deals. The only plus points for the brand were the no deposit required welcome bonus and that only a handful of brands used the Play n Go software.

However, when a brand that we promote, a brand worth anything anyway, makes a change it is customary to email and inform us of the change. It makes no sense if someone is promoting your brand that they have incorrect information. However, Naughty Bingo didn’t extend such a courtesy and as a consequence we have had the wrong information listed on our site since early July.

Naughty Bingo is now part of the Live Bingo Network and powered by the Cozy Games software.

Update: Following the publication of this article the owner of Naughty Bingo contacted me directly on my personal mobile to bring a few details to my attention. At the time the change from Play N Go to Cozy Games took place he did not own the site. When the site was purchased from its previous owner the lack of depositing players indicated that there were no affiliates for the brand and therefore no one to inform of the change. Having spent quite some time chatting with the chap on the phone he seemed genuine enough and I’m willing to take his comments on board and give Naughty Bingo the benefit of the doubt. Our reviews and content will be updated accordingly shortly.

By: Nickie Shute


3 Comments on “Naughty Naughty Bingo”

BEV Says:

im a bit peed off i refer to jackpot joy and certain winner who not happy to win £81,000 her name appears all the time she won thosands not fair on the rest of us were obviously just lining her pocket its pure greed why cant us mere mortals have a chance its put me off playing that and the so called bonuses hardly call winning 17p a bons!!! jackpot joy might as well call their site tania n site because she the only one that wins

BEV Says:

also im not the only one whos disgruntled hope jackpot joy take note

David Says:

Hi Bev, I’m not sure why you’re commenting on this post about Naughty Bingo, were you trying to add your comments to another post at the site maybe?

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