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Posted by Gareth on: Wednesday, Aug. 14th 2013 1:05 PM

We’re always talking about how much we love bingo; how it might even be good for your health and longevity, and how it is a cultural treasure. One thing we didn’t think we’d ever be reporting is how it could possibly be a cure for the abuse of cocaine.

Apparently, Frankie Cocozza of X Factor ‘shame’ is replacing his daily dose of ‘Columbian marching powder’ with a few bingo sessions, and he claims that it helped him kick his habit.

He claims that the buzz he used to get from a bag of powder is now being replaced by the ‘natural high’ of playing bingo. He was thrown off the X Factor tour for being caught bragging about his penchant for ‘powdered mirrors’, and subsequently drinking rediculous amounts of booze after being given a final warning.

He’s no Russel Brand, but he was obviously heading in that direction until he got together with full-time girlfriend Leah Hudson. He has also put his womanising days behind him, but being as he’s had the names of previous conquests tattooed on his derriere, poor Leah is going to be reminded of what a tart he was every time he gets out of the shower. I suppose he could have a big black ‘W’ tattooed on each cheek which would probably cover up most of the names, but, what a silly boy!

As for bingo being used as a treatment for cocaine addiction, I don’t think the Priory is going to be worrying too much about losing customers to bingo halls. In some parts of the country obesity is partially treated by giving patients free gym membership, although it’s unlikely that a drug habit will be treated with free bingo sessions. The original article came form The Sun, click here to have a go at Sun Bingo.

By: Gareth Whieldon

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