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Winner Bingo Advert A Twitter Hit

Posted by Nickie on: Saturday, Aug. 3rd 2013 7:47 AM

When it comes to advertising an online bingo brand and gauging whether it is a hit, we don’t have access to the stats and financials that the operators do. However, what we do have is social media and we love to read what people have to say about commercials. Twitter is one of the best places to look for feedback on an advert, you don’t have to read a diatribe from any particular user, they only have 140 characters to get their point across.

When we saw the commercial we were impressed, the Winner Bingo commercial is quite funny and reminiscent of the Harlem Shake, if only the rest of the bus queue had joined in with the lady busting some moves.

But are we the only ones impressed with the advert? Twitter would suggest not with the following just some of the tweets praising the commercial:

  • #winnerbingo advert is just hilarious, you go white beyonce
  • Winner bingo advert is jokes LOOOOL
  • Tbf that girl on winner bingo can really shake it ‪#FairPlay
  • omg. words cant describe how much i love the winnerbingo advert
  • Anyone seen the TV ad ? Nuff jokes, the girl can move. Loool
  • I’m loving the #winnerbingo advert funny stuff
  • loool the advert is messed boy lool how is the woman dancing lyk dat sum next harlem shake rite der looooooooool

There were a couple of negative Tweets about the commercial but the positive comments were more plentiful. We have to take our virtual hats off to the marketing team at Winner Bingo, good job!


By: Nickie Shute

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