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Payday Bingo Launches On WBN

Posted by Nickie on: Friday, Jul. 5th 2013 7:03 AM

When it comes to new bingo sites they appear to be a little like buses this month, you wait ages for one and then several all come along at once! Already in the last few days we have seen Stash Bingo, Bingo Stars and Heat Bingo open and most recently we have welcomed Payday Bingo.

Payday Bingo is one of many brands online today that are powered by the Cozy Games software on the Winners Bingo Network BUT, before you do as we usually do and move along, there are a couple of points to consider about this brand. Firstly the minimum deposit required before withdrawal is substantially lower as is the minimum withdrawal amount!

At other brands on the network a minimum deposit of £25 is required before a withdrawal can be process and the minimum withdrawal amount is £30. This is not the case at Payday Bingo, the Terms and Conditions state:

Withdrawal Terms And Conditions

1. Withdrawals can only be made by real-money players, who have made a minimum deposit of £5 to their account.

What are the Minimum / Maximum Deposit and Withdrawal Amounts?

1. The minimum deposit amount at Payday Bingo is £5; the minimum withdrawal amount is £20.

Whilst we may be impressed that these amounts have been lowered for this new bingo site, they do still need to address the fact that you can only withdraw from your account once in any given seven-day period.

Payday Bingo seems to be heading in the right direction to correct many of the issues we have with Cozy Games products, lets see if others follow suit.


By: Nickie Shute

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