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The Making Of the Bingo Godz Advert

Posted by Nickie on: Monday, Jun. 17th 2013 1:13 PM

Bingo Godz, as we reported recently (read more here), is set to launch onto our screens in the not too distant future with some pretty impressive backing and bingo knowledge behind it. On 11th June 2013 in Homerton, Hackney the commercial that is set to air alongside the launch of the new brand was shot and thanks to one You Tube user, we have an inclining of what we can expect from the commercial.

The two-minute You Tube clip was posted by TheLostSoundsofMU and features an explosion from the Bingo Godz commercial. This is about all we can glean from the video.

A fire crew was in place for the shooting of the commercial, as the explosion outside of a corner shop was quite intense. A young man was stood outside the shop with his milk as ‘Action’ was called and as the explosion happened he dropped the milk and ran inside.

Are we set to see a Greek God type scenario from the Bingo Godz commercial? Will the three obligatory ingredients of bingo balls, women and laptops and orgasmic screams all feature in the advert for this soon to launch brand?

We can only make assumptions but what we do know for certain is that we have a couple of months yet until the launch of Bingo Godz. Reports are that this site is set to open its virtual doors to us mere mortals in September 2013.

Do you know anymore about Bingo Godz? If so we would love to hear from you. In the meantime, here is the clip of the making of the advert for this soon to launch new bingo site:

By: Nickie Shute

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