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Bedford Bingo Burglary

Posted by Gareth on: Thursday, Jun. 6th 2013 10:48 AM

When we first started this blog we never envisioned having a tag ‘bingo crime’ that would be used so frequently, but unfortunately here’s another one to add to the list. Club 2000 in Bedford was robbed during the early hours of May 29th while there was no-one on the premises. It doesn’t look like they got the safe, but did manage to get away with around £10,000 in cash.

The cash was all in the form of coins from the 27 slot machines that they broke into. It must have weighed a ton, and they had to carry all up a ladder to the whole in the roof that they made, then across the roof to their getaway. So I’m guessing on a criminal profile that is youngish, fit, intelligent (at least one of them, as this was quite cunning), and has/have been to the club more than once.

Bingo halls seem peculiarly susceptible to this type of crime, you don’t hear of casinos being robbed in this way. Security (or lack of) is perhaps why they seem to get disproportionately hit. You’d think there would be motion sensors that would set off an alarm, they are fairly sophisticated these days, so a mouse is unlikely to be dragging the police out every night.

Perhaps the lower levels of cash stored in bingo halls don’t warrant what can be very expensive high security measures that would be a failsafe against burglaries, and also, Club 2000 is one of a chain of two so it probably doesn’t have the resources of Mecca Bingo for example.

As if bingo halls didn’t have enough problems with the economy and taxation…

By: Gareth Whieldon

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