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BingoCams From WebCam to TV

Posted by Nickie on: Tuesday, Jun. 4th 2013 7:36 AM

BingoCams are currently advertising their wares on television with a 30 second commercial showing on channels including ITV Granadam, ITV2, Really and E4. The current marketing campaign went live yesterday and we were excited to see what the advert had to offer, with expectations that their unique selling point (the web cam feature) would be taking centre stage. We were more than a little disappointed and perplexed to find that it hardly featured at all!

What makes BingoCams unique is the ability to interact with hosts and other players through web cam so why have the brand not chosen to focus on their USP?

We spoke to Vikki Taylor, Marketing Manager at BingoCams via Facebook who said “We chose to focus the majority of our ad on our free bonuses and £100 daily cash give-away as we didn’t want players to think you had to put your webcam on to play bingo with us. Of course your time on the site is improved by using your webcam but players can have a great bingo experience without their cams on too!.

Could it be that they simply don’t want those without a web cam to think they cannot join the site? Or that they don’t want to ostracise the shy player who may not want to use a web cam when they playing bingo online?

The commercial starts with five point coins and the BingoCams web address shown on the screen before more coins fall and the webcam logo takes pride of place on the first coin. A voiceover starts telling you about how the site is different and waxing lyrical about the features which are:

  1. A great online bingo experience
  2. £5 free
  3. £30 free when you spend £10
  4. Spend £10 or more for entry into a prize draw

It is only then that a snippet of what BingoCams is about shows and even then it doesn’t do the brand justice, we simply see a selection of Live Win moments on the screen.

The commercial for BingoCams does little to make itself ‘watchable’ or the brand memorable in our opinion.

What do you think?


By: Nickie Shute

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