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Posted by Gareth on: Monday, Jun. 3rd 2013 3:13 PM

It’s great to hear of celebs playing bingo in a good old fashioned bingo hall, we’re sure a lot of them play online, but I doubt they are going to admit to that as they may fear it would ruin their credibility. While there’s nothing wrong with playing bingo online it’s also a privacy issue, but once in a while it wouldn’t hurt to get some unpaid (honest) celebrity endorsement.

However, land bingo has recently been given a little endorsement from the fresh faced star of the Harry Potter series, Rupert Grint.Young Mr Grint recently visited Mecca Bingo in Hertforshire with friends for a couple of hours on the cards. Bless him, it must be a bit of a pain concentrating on your rows when you know the eyes on you. But, I guess stars are used to that type of thing and learn to cope with it. Apparently he stayed for two hours and was overheard telling his friends “it was his favourite hobby.”

Thank you young man, hopefully if we get more young stars like you in the halls it may send out the message that the ailing bingo industry has been trying to get across for several years now; bingo is not just for the purple rinse brigade, it’s actually a good bit of fun with the chance of winning some cash. So, hats off to Mr Grint.

Finally, we at Playing Bingo would like to raise an objection to the wording in the original article in the Daily Star: “Rupert Grint must have fallen on hard times, as we spotted him trying his luck at a Mecca Bingo”. Maybe it was meant tongue in cheek, but it goes against the grain a bit as it seems to suggest that bingo is for those down at their heels. Every single player in every single bingo hall inwardly hopes to bag the big jackpot. That, however, is not the main reason that most of them are there. The reasons include company, and entertainment (bingo can be an almost theatrical spectacle).

I wonder if the writer of the article has ever been to a bingo hall? Looking around the room at the other players they may have also noticed a rich cultural tapestry before them. Don’t believe me? Well give it a go! Pop in to your local bingo hall, enrich your life with a new cultural experience, you never know, you may even go back for more.


By: Gareth Whieldon

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