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Five Line Guaranteed Jackpot Games At Foxy Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Wednesday, Apr. 25th 2012 7:10 AM

Swedish bingo, or five line bingo as it is also known, has been around for quite some time but the sites powered by the Globalcom/888 software have only introduced the games in the last six to twelve months. Foxy Bingo have realised how popular these games are with their players and have now introduced guaranteed jackpots for the five line bingo each and every night of the week at 8pm.

Five line bingo is a hybrid of 90 ball and 75 ball; it’s played on a 5×5 grid like 75 ball (minus the free square in the middle) but boasts the multiple chances of winning found in the 90 ball game although with two extra chances of being a winner. You can now play for a £555 guaranteed jackpot over at Foxy Bingo every night.

Tickets for the games are just 5p each but unlike the 90 ball game the prize fund doesn’t change whether you win one line, two lines, three lines, four lines or five lines (coverall). Every winner on the game over at Foxy Bingo will win £111. It’s five line bingo with five pence tickets and five winners, a great new feature at Foxy Bingo.

If you do fancy a game and pop along to Foxy Bingo why not grab your one free ticket for the £10,000 free bingo game taking place tonight as well. There will be a free game offering the same impressive jackpot every night this week with the final game playing on Sunday 29th April. Each player can have just one ticket each for the game so everyone has an equal chance of being a free bingo winner at Foxy.


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