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Michael Hess: Bingo And Social Club Five Years On
Michael Hess:
Bingo And Social Club Five Years On

Latest: Bingo And Social Club Five Years On

In an exclusive set of photos commissioned for Playing Bingo, the photographer Michael Hess opens up the secretive world of the UK's bingo halls for all to enjoy.

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Sexy Shoes Bingo – Jake Yapp Was On To Something!

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Mar. 26th 2015 7:49 AM

Just a couple of days ago we revealed a new bingo site called Hunky Bingo, on Monday of this week another brand opted for the Dragonfish network and this brand is called Sexy Shoes Bingo. We mention Jake Yapp in the title of this article simply because he once did a YouTube video called Bingo Brainstorm, a video in which he does an impression of what he thinks a bingo executive would be like when naming a brand (you can view the clip later in this article). Although he didn’t ever mention Sexy Shoes Bingo, he did come up with Blue Shoes Bingo, he was clearly onto something!

Sexy Shoes Bingo boasts a home page that features what someone clearly considers to be ‘sexy shoes’ but that’s clearly a matter of opinion. Some might suggest they are foot cripplers or ankle breakers, others might even suggest they are the attire of ladies of the night. But what of the actual game play?

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The Dublin Express At Giant Bingo

Posted by Kath on: Wednesday, Mar. 25th 2015 7:19 AM

Ireland has long been associated with myths and legends, giants and leprechaun’s feature heavily in literature so it seems fitting that Giant Bingo is running an Irish giveaway this month! The promotion has been running all month, in honour of St Patrick’s Day earlier in the month but it all culminates this week and it’s not too late to join in!

The Dublin Express is going to take one lucky player, and a friend off to the Emerald Isle with a mini-break to Dublin worth £750 and it’ll be given away in a very special game next Monday. You can buy tickets now for the game, but play at Giant Bingo this week and you could earn yourself a few free ones too!

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Two Bingo Clubs Raise 1 Million For Charity

Posted by Gareth on: Tuesday, Mar. 24th 2015 10:29 AM

As bingo clubs have always has been closely tied to the communities in which they operate they have always done their bit for local charities. But, there is more to it than bingo halls doing a bit of ‘good PR’ by showing that they care, a lot of bingo halls really do make a difference.

All the big brands are hot on charity initiatives, especially at Christmas, but many clubs are doing good works throughout the year to support local causes. While we would never like to say that one brand is a greater contributor than any other (they all do well), we have to say that two Mecca Bingo clubs are really shining the light with a joint contribution of £1 million pounds.

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Hunky Bingo, What Were They Thinking?

Posted by Nickie on: Tuesday, Mar. 24th 2015 7:17 AM
Hunky Bingo

Hunky Bingo
New Site

As a woman in an industry predominantly run by men but one whose game is played most by women, I often find myself REALLY annoyed with the chauvinistic approach to bingo from some sectors. You’ll often find me ranting about how infuriating it is to be offered hoovers or kitchen appliances as the main prize in a promotion. You can imagine then exactly how I reacted to the launch of a new bingo site called Hunky Bingo!

Clearly the person who invested in the domain Hunky Bingo is a bloke and obviously he would have patted himself firmly on the back, congratulating himself on how much money he will make by offering a brand that features semi clad men. Rubbing his hands together and counting the pound signs that his imagination has conjured up about a brand he believes will attract all the bingo playing women.

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Roomie Of The Week At Ladbrokes Bingo

Posted by Kath on: Monday, Mar. 23rd 2015 7:55 AM

It’s always nice to be made to feel a little bit special and that’s exactly what you get the chance of at Ladbrokes Bingo if you join in the Roomie of the Week promotion. Every week the site picks a room and a player from that room is chosen to be Roomie of the Week, receiving a free bingo treat for your troubles!

Roomie of the Week takes place in either the Loft, Attic, Bedroom or Snug at Ladbrokes Bingo every week. Each week the chat hosts will select one player who makes a contribution to the chat rooms to win the Roomie of the Week prize.

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Lady Luck Smiles On Ayr Granny

Posted by Gareth on: Saturday, Mar. 21st 2015 10:07 AM

Lightning struck twice the other day for a 73 year old Ayr woman, but, luckily it was the ‘good kind’ of double strike when she hit a nice prize on the slots, and big on the bingo. Jean Murdoch, a regular at the club, knew that she had won, but didn’t realise how much.

After a mere 40 calls, she was so pleased with winning the local prize of £100 that she strolled off to put some of her winnings into the fruit machines where after placing a one pound bet she netted £300. She must have thought it really was her lucky night, but had no idea how lucky she really had been.

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The Flipside Of The Kelly Nield Story

Posted by Nickie on: Saturday, Mar. 21st 2015 7:29 AM

If you read the news then the chances are you will have come across the story of Kelly Nield, a 32 year old bingo player who attributes her £45,000 debt to a crippling gambling habit formed from seeing an online bingo advert. She goes on to say how the adverts target vulnerable people who believe they can make money from gambling but in this article, I want to tell you MY story because like Kelly my online bingo tale began from seeing an advert on television, unlike Kelly, I don’t have a £45,000 debt!

You can read the full story of my first dalliance with bingo at the Mecca Bingo hall in Hayes here. That was my first ever real experience of the game but a couple of years later I saw an advert on television for Think Bingo and they were offering £5 free. I signed up, claimed my free money and stayed as a player at the site for nearly two years.

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Easter Feaster at 888Ladies

Posted by Kath on: Friday, Mar. 20th 2015 7:56 AM

Easter is just around the corner now and if you’re anything like me then you’ll be looking forward to some scrummy chocolates and treats! However, the treats aren’t only coming in chocolate form, at 888Ladies you can join in the Easter Feaster and feast on cash prizes instead of chocolate!

The £5,000 Easter Feaster is spread between six special games, all playing over the Easter period. Tickets are cheap and there’s even a special mobile exclusive game for those who like mobile and tablet play at 888Ladies Bingo.

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