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Michael Hess: Bingo And Social Club Five Years On
Michael Hess:
Bingo And Social Club Five Years On

Latest: Bingo And Social Club Five Years On

In an exclusive set of photos commissioned for Playing Bingo, the photographer Michael Hess opens up the secretive world of the UK's bingo halls for all to enjoy.

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Sit Down With Costa Bingo

Posted by Lee on: Saturday, Jul. 23rd 2016 3:34 AM

After coming home from a hard day at work, there is nothing worse than sitting down on an uncomfortable sofa. It does not matter with it’s the spring sticking in the back of your leg, the well worn arm or the fact it looks like it was purchased in the 70’s; it’s time to replace it! This is where the ‘Oh Sit Down’ promotion from Costa Bingo could come to the rescue.

This special 75 ball bingo game plays at 10pm on Sunday 31st July, and as always they are giving you the opportunity to earn cards. You have until 23:59 on the 28th, and Costa Bingo will give you five cards each time you top up your account with £20 or wager at least £20 on any of their fun packed instant games, regardless of if it’s online or your mobile device.

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All Scream For Ice Cream At Jackpot Joy

Posted by Lee on: Thursday, Jul. 21st 2016 6:20 AM

It does not look like we are going to be having much of a summer this year, so the odds are you won’t be walking along any seafronts enjoying an ice cream or two. Jackpot Joy do not want anyone missing out on their your favourite treats though, so have lined up a fantastic ‘Tiki’s Ice Cream Machine’ promotion, giving their roomies the chance to win not only a whole year’s supply of ice cream, but also a £500 cash prize too!

This new promotion is running until 23:59 on Saturday 24th July, so don’t hang around if you want to take part. The good news is that all you need to do is invent your own ice cream flavour and email them the details. Jackpot Joy will simply judge all of the entries on creativity and taste and choose their favourite. In addition to the main prize, 50 runners up will also be chosen, with each one picking up £25 cash.

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Furniture Frenzy At Dino Bingo

Posted by Lee on: Tuesday, Jul. 19th 2016 10:28 AM

Back in the Mesozoic Era, the dinosaurs did not have to worry about tables and chairs, and you would never find them sitting on the sofa catching up on the latest soaps! These days though they have upgraded a little and since they launched Dino Bingo, they have gotten used to the finer things in life and prefer a little comfort. They want their roomies to feel warm and cozy too, so have lined up a Furniture Frenzy promotion.

This special promotion from Dino Bingo is running until the end of the month where it ends with a special 75 ball bingo game. As always, they are giving you the opportunity to earn cards, but they are doing things slightly differently this month, and they will be based on how much you deposit. You will pick up 1 card for every £10 deposit, 5 cards for every £30 deposit and 10 cards each time you deposit £50 in a single transaction.

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Everyone Wins At Hippo Bingo

Posted by Lee on: Monday, Jul. 18th 2016 6:22 AM

Hetty is the cute and curvy mascot of Hippo Bingo, and when she is not lounging around in a hammock, topping up her tan and sipping on an endless supply of chilled cocktails, you will usually find her working hard to ensure all of her roomies are kept entertained. She does this by ensuring there is a constant stream of promotions for them to enjoy, and right now they include a very special jackpot game.

This 90 ball bingo game is taking place at 9pm on Saturday 27th August, and what makes it so special is that everyone that takes part is guaranteed to be a winner. In total there is £10,000 up for grabs with £5,000 cash being shared by Hippo Bingo’s three main winners and the remaining £5,000 paid out in bingo funds to everyone else that purchases cards, with shares being based on the number purchased.

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Formula Win At Fancy Bingo

Posted by Lee on: Saturday, Jul. 16th 2016 7:36 AM

If you like living life on the edge and get a real thrill from adrenaline filled adventures, make sure you check out the Formula Win promotion currently running at Fancy Bingo. The Hatter has a knack for coming up with prizes that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of his roomies and this month is no exception as he has £600 worth of driving experiences up for grabs.

This special 90 ball bingo game from Fancy Bingo plays at 10:00pm on Thursday 21st July and if you are quick, you still have time to grab some cards. Between now and 23:59 on Tuesday night, they will reward you with 1 card for every £10 you deposit, 1 card for every £10 you spend on bingo cards and 5 cards for every £50 you spin through on any of their exciting slots games.

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ASA Ruling on Daub Alderney Ltd

Posted by Lee on: Thursday, Jul. 14th 2016 6:34 AM

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) are being kept busy by the world of online bingo recently. It was less than a week ago that we published details of a complaint that was upheld against Butlers Bingo, and this week Daub Alderney Ltd which is the company behind Lucky Pants Bingo have come under the spotlight after sending out a text advertising “100 FREE spins + 350% bonus”.

This promotion text message was received by the complainant on the 26th February this year, but after entering the required code, they failed to receive any free spins and only picked up a 200% bonus. They then contacted the ASA and made a complaint against Lucky Pants Bingo challenging whether the advert was misleading as it did not contain any terms and conditions.

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Take A ‘Lick’ At Lollipop Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Tuesday, Jul. 12th 2016 7:36 AM

When it comes to the weird and wonderful, there are many celebrated as ‘National Days’ (although predominantly in America). That said, there are some that just have to be celebrated at certain bingo sites and National Lollipop Day is one that couldn’t be avoided at Lollipop Bingo. It’s like the day was created just for them!

Of course, it wasn’t and the origins are actually known. However, we do know that the much-loved confectionary was actually named after the inventors favourite horse, Lolly Pop. On 20th July in America, many shops give away free lollipops to their customers and that’s a little like what Lollipop Bingo is doing in their own unique way.

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ASA Ruling on Butlers Bingo

Posted by Lee on: Monday, Jul. 11th 2016 7:46 AM

Broadway Gaming Ltd, the company that owns and operates Butlers Bingo have this week had their wrists slapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have they were reported for misleading information on their mobile home page. The complaint was brought after their page featured a promotion on the 15th April offering “Deposit £10. Play £35”.

The complainant contacted the ASA after challenging whether the offer was misleading or not, as it failed to mention that there were wagering requirements attached to the offer before players could withdraw any winnings. Broadway Gaming Ltd apologised and started that the missing wagering requirements were an oversight, and the page was updated to include the relevant information.

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